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Ms. Williams


WELCOME!!! I am extremely excited about being your child's 5th grade ELA teacher this year! My students and I will go many places by utilizing the skills associated with deconstructing text. I have no doubt that each student will complete this year with a higher understanding of how to comprehend and respond to various types of literature. But, as I tell my students, we've got to learn how to listen, so that we can listen to learn. Following procedures and meeting expectations is the most important step in how we will get to our destinations!. IF YOU NEED TO SPEAK WITH ME, YOU MAY DO SO ON MY PLANNING PERIOD AT 1:25-2:10P.M.  I HAVE AN OPEN DOOR POLICY.. I'M AVAILABLE UNTIL 5 P.M. AT THE END OF THE DAY ALSO.

The school-wide NEES PBIS expectations will be enforced everyday, everywhere! Students must be:
Lifelong learners and global citizenship
  • Class Expectations:
    1. Come to class prepared with all materials DAILY.
    2. Turn in assignments on time.

    1. Show respect to ALL: teachers, substitutes, classmates, other adults and their property.
    2. Speak appropriately using appropriate language and tone.

    1. Follow all class and school procedures.

"It is okay to not know, but it is not okay to not try."
Your in Education,
Ms. H. Williams

Dates to Remember:
  1. 4th 9 Wks-3/17-5/26
  2. Progress Reports sent out- 2/1/17
  3. Hurricane projects due- 5/12/17
  4. Students Last Day- 5/25
  5. Final Report Cards Mailed-5/26/17